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Flood FLD6 Latex Paint Conditioner, 1-Gallon

$ 23.99

Folderol Latex Paint Additive improves the performance of latex paint and keeps projects flowing smoothly. It gives latex paint the feel of oil paint, without the cleanup hassles. Floetrol is a latex paint conditioner, not a thinner. It maintains and fortifies the qualities of latex paint, unlike water It also...

FLOOD/PPG FLD6-04 Floetrol Additive (1 Quart)

from $ 14.99

Floretel is a latex paint additive to improve flow and leveling of water-based paints. Add to latex paints to improve brush ability and eliminate brush and lap marks.  Fortifies acrylic and latex paints to improve performance and reduce brush marks Allows latex paint to spray like oil-based paint Add to...

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