CE Tools SnapBack Chalk Line with the ONLY Releasable Tip

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No one wants to walk back to retrieve a chalk line tip after snapping their line. Now they don't have to! The CETools chalk line snaps back with a simple pull saving you time by cutting steps in half by never crossing a work space again to retrieve your tip! 


  • Includes the snapback releasable tip. Save half the steps by never crossing a workspace again to retrieve a chalk line tip!
  • 50 ft of Polyester Nylon cord
  • Sleek, rugged new design with 4.4-1 planetary gear system
  • Fanged teeth design has a superior hold on all construction surfaces, locks in place and doesn't move until you release it
  • Features a built-in belt clip and a recessed snap back tip holder. No more dangling tip!
  • Durable, soft touch non-slip rubber grips with high impact UV resistant housing
  • SnapBack Chalk Line with Releasable Tip, ABS