Air Locker - CS80A2 3/8 Inch to 5/8 Inch Heavy Duty Aluminum Body Corrugated Fastener/Stapler

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Air Inlet
1/4" NPT Thread
Operating Pressure
80-120 PSI
Fastener Length
3/8 Inch, 1/2 inch & 5/8 Inch
Fastener Type W", 1" Crown, 25 Gauge

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When you are looking to put together wooden structures like picture frames, cabinets, and crates, Air Locker's CS80A2 helps you create strong joints with "W" shaped corrugated fasteners. Featuring a heavy duty aluminum alloy construction and a comfort grip, the unit isn't only easy to operate but comes with the ability to shoot fasteners within the range of 3/8 and 5/8 inches.

Corrugated fasteners offer twice the strength of regular fasteners to give enhanced structural integrity to your wooden projects.


  • Comfortable Grip: Rubberized comfort grip for fatigue-less use.
  • Stronger Joints: Now you can make twice as stronger butt joints
  • Premium Quality: Lightweight durable diecast Aluminum body
  • Convinient Loading: Bottom fastener loading system for a quick refill



  • Create twice as stronger butt joints for a wide variety of wooden structures.
  • Ideal for making joints for cabinets, frames, curios, trusses, crates, box assemblies, caskets and more.



    Air Inlet
     1/4" NPT Thread
    Operating Pressure
    80-120 PSI
    Fastener Type
    W", 1" Crown, 25 Gauge
    Fastener Length
    3/8 Inch, 1/2 inch & 5/8 Inch
    Item Weight
    3.81 pounds
    Product Dimensions
    12.2 x 3.9 x 11.8 inches


    Joining wood is tricky and it can be quite a time and effort-consuming task if you're using conventional methods like nails, screws or glue. Air Locker's CS80A2 is a corrugated fastener that provides a cheaper, quicker and more convenient way to join wood. The joints made by our corrugated fastener are twice as stronger as the ones made with traditional joining methods. Corrugated fasteners are ideal for putting together any type of wooden structure which requires butt joints.

    Air Locker CS80A2 fastener comes with a multiple actuation trigger and a quarter-inch inlet for enhanced versatility ensuring you can perform all types of wood joining jobs. The fastener also features an easy jam cleaning mechanism which makes it convenient to get rid of jams and continue your work without any hassle.

    When you are putting together wooden projects, especially big structures such as caravans or cabinets for entire kitchen, you don’t only need stronger joints but to get things done in a quick time. With Air Locker CS80A2, you have a viable alternative that ensures you make robust joints that would stand for years to come. That too in a fraction of the time.

    Regular nail

    • Time Consuming
    • More Effort
    • Weaker Joints

    CS80A2 Blog

    VS Air Locker CS80A2:

    • Quick Operation
    • Less Effort
    • Stronger Joints


    CS80A2 Blog

    When you have a big project, you usually need to work for longer hours. CS80A2 stapler features a soft touch rubberized ergonomic grip that doesn’t only comfortable great in your hand but ensures effortless and fatigueless operation.

    Cabinets, Windows, Frames, Mobile Homes, Pallets, Caskets & More


    The corrugated stapler comes with sufficient power to drive fasteners into thick and dense woods forming a robust joint that’s almost twice as strong as the one made with conventional methods. You can use CS80A2 to drive fasteners into a variety of soft and hard woods including Pine, Poplar, Chestnut, Sycamore, Oak, Locust, Hickory, White Oak and Maple.



    Different denailing jobs require different type of work flow and productivity. Air Locker CS80A2 fastener comes with 3 firing modes including free, restrictive and contact actuation. This adds versatility to the device as you can choose the right triggering system for the right job.


      It is the simplest but least safe of all firing modes. In this system, you don't need to depress the safety element and can start shooting nails out of the wood right away.


      Also knows as restrictive trigger, this system requires you to depress the safety element against the work surface before you can pull the trigger. This system works best for most jobs.


      Also called dual action, this method allows you to keep the trigger pulled as you bounce the safety element against the work surface for continuous denailing. For professionals use only.


    To ensure safe use, it’s recommended that you use safety glasses.

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