Minelab VANQUISH 540 Pro Pack Metal Detector (ML3820-0004)

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Length  Collapsed 30" inches/Extended 57" inches
Weight 2.8lbs
Operating Frequencies Multi-IQ
Search Modes Coin, Relic, Jewelry, Custom

SKU: ML3820-0004
Metal Detectors
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VANQUISH 540 Pro-Pack: for the serious detectorist who’s always in control. As if Multi-IQ technology, audio control, and pinpoint wasn’t enough, the 540 also boasts Iron Bias control, Bluetooth headphones, red LED backlight, and rechargeable batteries. What’s more, it comes with waterproof 8” and 12” coils as standard for greater depth and precision. No matter where the hunt takes you, the 540 is the ultimate packet for those who want it all.


  • Revolutionary Multi-IQ delivers speed, depth, and precise identification of all metals across all soils.
  • 5 find modes (Coin, Relic, Jewelry, and Custom) pre-programmed and optimized for the best performance
  • Iron Bias control gives you maximum results, so you can hunt out treasure hiding amongst trash.
  • In seconds VANQUISH auto-selects the best settings for your soil — no need to choose frequencies or ground balance.
  • Automatic noise canceling, lag-free audio response and 10 volume settings put you in control.
  • 1.3 kg (2.8 lbs) light with a unique collapsible snap-lock system makes it easy to pack and go.
  • PINPOINT MODE: Included pinpoint mode to help you locate targets with extreme precision.
  • INCLUDED COILS: Cover more ground and search deeper or detect more accurately and in tight spaces with both a 12" and 8" coil included as standard.
  • Red LED Backlight to help low-light vision


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