MetroVacuum Black AirForce Dryer

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Cordless  No
Form Factor Cannister
Model Name AirForce Sidekick Industrial
Special Feature Portable , Lightweight 

SKU: MV 110-142164
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Blow Dryer that effectively removes fibers, dust and debris from clothes, surfaces, or components, Powerful airflow produced by the SIDEKICK delivers a high volume of air at a relatively low pressure – only 3.5, well below OSHA standards. Lower pressure means the SIDEKICK can be safely be aimed at any part of the body; even direct contact with skin poses no hazard (always use caution) . The SIDEKICK also uses far less energy and emits far less noise than its compressed air counterparts ,Lightweight and portable, it can be moved easily to any location.

Construction: Sturdy All Steel
Motor: 1.3 Peak HP
Amps: 8 Amps
Watts: 960 Watts
Airflow: 18,000 ft./min.
Cord: 12 Inches Heavy Duty 3 Conductor
Dimensions: 4.25"x7.5"x9.75"
Weight: 3 lbs
Accessories: 3'-6' Stretch Hose, Blower Nozzle, Air Flare, Shoulder Strap, and 2 mounting hooks