Genie ReliaG Pro Series Model 3020H Garage Door Opener, With Genie Led Bulb

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Model 3020 garage door opener by Genie provides durable, reliable performance. With Genie Led Bulb. Belt or Chain Drive: DC motor with Soft Start & Stop control Opening speed: Up to...
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Model 3020 garage door opener by Genie provides durable, reliable performance. With Genie Led Bulb.

Belt or Chain Drive:

  • DC motor with Soft Start & Stop control
  • Opening speed: Up to 7.0 in/sec 
  • Battery Backup compatible – order with or without BBU
  • 15 Year Motor Limited Warranty
  • 2 light bulbs – Genie LED light bulbs (60-watt max if incandescent bulbs are used.)
  • Universally compatible with all major garage door brands
  • Lasts on average 25,000 hours
  • Rated for wet and cold damp conditions
  • Cold weather tested to -30°C
  • Vibration and shatter resistant up to 5G force
  • GenieSense Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology
  • C-channel rail for strength & aesthetics
  • Intellicode® Security to stop potential code thieves
  • HomeLink® & Car2U® compatible(No external repeater box or bridge needed.)
  • Compatible with Aladdin Connect smart device system.


Genie Led Bulb:

  • ELIMINATES OR REDUCES OPENER REMOTE INTERFERENCE: Specifically designed for garage door openers and does not limit the range of remotes like common LED and CFL bulbs.
  • UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE: Genie LED bulb will fit any brand garage door opener with a standard light socket and cavity.
  • VIBRATION AND SHATTER RESISTANT: Made to withstand 5G force, Genie’s LED garage door opener bulb is durable.
  • TESTED FOR HARSH CONDITIONS: The LED bulb is damp location rated and cold weather tested for use in unique garage environments without performance interruptions.
  • LONG LASTING AND LOW COST: Purchasing one low-cost Genie bulb gets you an estimated 25,000 hours of quality garage lighting

    Special Features:

    • Durable, reliable performance – The strong DC motor operates most properly balanced residential sectional doors up to 10' high and 500 pounds. Model 3020 has an opening speed of 7.0" per second.
    • Battery Backup Capable – No more unexpectedly getting locked outside the garage when the power goes out! The battery unit can easily be added to your opener if you so choose.
    • Soft Start & Stop Control – DC technology allows your door to begin and end its movement smoothly instead of abruptly whenever you operate it. This creates less noise and less wear on the door.
    • 6' power cord – While most openers come with a 4' power cord, the Model 3020 cord is 6' in length to compensate for outlets that require longer reach.
    • Dependability – The quality built into a Model 3020 is backed by a 15-year Limited Warranty** for the motor and 15 years for the belt drive rail (5 years for the chain drive rail.)
    • Smart Lighting – The Model 3020 comes with lighting on each side of the powerhead to help spread light around the entire garage.
    • GenieSense Monitoring – Automatic force profiling and diagnostic technology improve safety by stopping operation when significant changes occur.

    Standard Features

    Safe-T-Beam® Non-Contact Reversing System
    • Puts an invisible beam across the door opening. The door stops and reverses to open position if anything passes through the beam.

    GenieSense™ Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology
    • Provides safety by continuously monitoring operation of the door, stopping the operation to alert you when significate changes occur.

    IntelliCode® Access Security System
    • Superior encryption technology (also known as rolling codes) that prevents piracy of the radio signal that opens your garage door by continually seeking a new code from billions of combinations.

    HomeLink® & Car2U® Compatibility
    • Works with ALL HomeLink and Car2U systems regardless of when those systems were made. No additional external repeater box or compatibility bridge needed.