1MORE Dual Driver BT ANC in-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Active Noise Cancellation

$ 109.00
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Type In-Ear
Frequency Range 20-40,000 Hz
Wireless Range 30 ft
Bluetooth v4.2
Battery Life 7 Hours Of Usage

SKU: E1004BA
 1MORE,Audio Headphones & Speakers

The Bluetooth ANC headphones ensure industry-leading noise cancellation tailored for you in various conditions. A dynamic driver combined with a separate balanced armature delivers a fully balanced and precise soundstage. Intelligent ANC with Environmental Sound Enhancement lets in the important sounds while blocking out the annoying sounds, allowing you to enjoy audiophile-grade music in total tranquility. ENC microphone technology ensures communication remains clear even in loud environments.

Enjoy a meticulous wireless listening experience with Bluetooth® 4.2 and a wireless range of up to 30 ft. A Type-C to 3.5 mm connection provides the option of wired playback when desired.

A soft and comfortable neckband with a silicone cover provides a natural, ergonomic fit during prolonged use. Magnetic rear earbud covers form a necklace-like shape for convenient storage around your neck when not in use.

Active Noise Cancellation
1MORE’s self-schemed TiinLab A2 chip achieves superior active noise cancellation so you can enjoy high-resolution audio in noisy environments like crowded public transportation, loud café’s, or on airplanes. Advanced Environmental Sound Enhancement using INC (Incisive Noise Cancellation) technology lets in the important sounds while blocking out the annoying noises. Never miss an important announcement or conversation while still enjoying peace of mind.

Through proprietary low power chip technology, our headphones receive and analyze external noise pollution then produce opposing sound waves to cancel out unwanted noises. Revolutionary ANC technology combined with 1More's innovative INC capabilities allows you to enjoy music in serenity while still being able to hear important environmental sounds.