Air Locker - CS38AL Corrugated 'W' Fastener Staples 3/8 Inch Long, 1000/Pack

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Corrugated Staples
Air Locker
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Air Locker 3/8" Corrugated "W" staples fits CS80A2 Corrugated Stapler. Air Locker Staples have a special coating that bonds to wood for superior holding power. Air Locker staples have excellent "strip integrity"–staples will not fall apart easily after being dropped. With Air Locker, you’ll have consistency from staple to staple and strip to strip. 



  • 3/8" staples
  • Corrugated "W" Staples
  • 1,000 per pack


  • For use in top plate connection
  • Truss construction
  • Pallet repair
  • Cabinet face frames
  • Furniture butt joints
  • Picture frame and liners
  • Hollow core door
  • End gable/roof jack connections

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