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Latest Trends & Tips

Latest Trends & Tips

Top 10 Summer Energy-Saving Tips to Save Money

It’s summertime, and that means sweltering heat and higher-than-usual home cooling bills. If you’re looking for summer energy-saving tips to help you save money while still keeping cool, you’ve come to the right place. The following tried-and-true methods to help lower your summer electricity bill will put a smile on your face and leave some cold hard cash in your pocket.

 How to Lower Your Electric Bill in the Summer

From upping your home cooling systems maintenance game to rethinking some elements of home decor, here are 10 of the best summer energy-saving tips to help you keep cool while saving money. 

  1. Seal Hot Air Out and Cool Air In

    Hot air will find its way into your home through cracks and openings around doors and windows. When this happens, your cooling unit has to work that much harder to maintain your desired indoor temperature. To reduce the amount of hot air coming into your home and cold air going out, inspect all your doorways and windows carefully. Where appropriate, use caulk to fill in any cracks around doors and window frames. You may also want to apply weatherstripping to make sure windows and doors shut firmly.  

  2. Maintain Your Cooling System at Optimal Efficiency

    Set up a regular maintenance schedule for your cooling system and stick to it. This is a perfect instance where an ounce of prevention will be worth the proverbial pound of cure. Always follow your equipment manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to maintaining your cooling equipment.

    You can also keep your cooling equipment running smoothly by vacuuming your air intake vents regularly, replacing filters timely, and keeping furniture and other household items from blocking airflow.    

  3. Maintain Your Cooling System at Optimal Efficiency

    Today’s smart thermostats — with features like Wi-Fi enabling, precision temperature control, daily weather updates, and even the ability to sense deviations in temperature in different rooms — allow you to keep your home environment comfortable without using energy unnecessarily. Whether you use a digital programmable thermostat with wifi or one of the old-fashioned manual variety, the Department of Energy recommends these operations guidelines:

    • Set your thermostat at a temperature that is comfortable for you and our family, and no lower. 
    • Allow your house to become warmer when you aren’t home by adjusting your thermostat to a higher temperature when you’re away.
    • Don’t fall into the trap of turning your thermostat way down the minute you get home, as this doesn’t cool the environment off any quicker and will actually result in excessive and costly cooling.
  4. Don’t Confuse Your Thermostat

    TVs, lamps, and other household appliances and devices emit heat which, when placed near to thermostat sensors, can cause thermostat readings to rise. This, in turn, will cause your air conditioner to run harder and longer than necessary. Keep these items away from your thermostat.     

  5. Throw Some Shade Around Your Home

    Strategically adding trees and shrubs to your landscaping can help make your home’s cooling systems more efficient. Think about adding mature plantings to the south and west sides of your home and in areas that will provide shade over any outdoor air conditioning units.     

  6. Reduce Heat With Window Treatments

    Install sun-blocking blinds and curtains to keep your rooms cooler. The right window treatments can significantly reduce the effects of the hot summer sun streaming into your home, especially if you keep blinds and drapes drawn during peak daylight hours.     

  7. Set Your Water Heater to Lower Temperatures for Higher Efficiency

    When your water heater is too hot, you risk scalding accidents and incur high energy costs. Avoid both by making sure your water heater is set at 120 degrees Fahrenheit or less.     

  8. Make It a Habit to Unplug

    If they stay plugged in, appliances, standard power strips, and device charges are using energy even when they’re not being used. You can stop using energy inadvertently. Just unplug electrical appliances and chargers when not in use.     

  9. Install Ceiling Fans

    Ceiling fans keep room air circulating, helping the space to remain cool. Make sure the fans are set to spin counterclockwise so they push air down and create a cool breeze.     

  10. Turn Off The AC And Enjoy the Breeze

    If you live in an area that cools off once the sun goes down, go for some fresh air and cross breezes during the evening hours by turning off the air and opening up the windows. The fresh air — and the realization that you’re saving money — will do you a world of good.    

 Wholesale Home is Your One-Stop Shop for Summer Energy Savings

Keeping your home cooler while reducing your summer electricity bills has never been easier, especially with Wholesale Home on your side. With our wide array of energy-efficient products — including a variety of energy-saving thermostat options — reducing your summer energy bills is just a click away. 

Check out our complete line of home improvement products to see how Wholesale Home can help save you time and money today!

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